Sunday, July 21, 2019

Idaho+Montana Family=A Good Crazy Time

Remember when your kiddos were two years old and if they were quiet that you knew they were probably getting into something or up to a bit of mischief?  Well it dawned on me that in my self-imposed vacation from social media  and blogging these last 3 weeks, that a lot of times when I’m quiet…. It means I’ve been up to something.  Lol 

Over the July 4th holiday, a few of us Idaho relatives invaded  the Montana relatives to enjoy our nation’s birthday camping at the family property under the big skies of my home state.

Oh my beautiful Montana

When we gather together, cousins, Russ, Todd, Sharmayne and myself usually put our warped minds together and think up some crazy antics.  Last year, Russ went on a solo mission when we were all together on a small cruise ship and he created the persona of “Father  Nelson” which was a realistic old man mask and decided to  make my mom his “love interest target” in front of all of us one afternoon.  His costume created quite a commotion as the boat crew thought someone had snuck on board.  Long story short,  we had many laughs over that….. and then this year Russ hatched the idea that “Father Nelson” would give up priesthood and morph into “Farmer Nelson”  and here is what that looked like.

A bit of a slow start on the video.... but keep watching - it's hilarious! 

For some reason, my mom is just so much fun to pick on and it just makes her a target for our good-natured antics.  Also, Rod got to witness us in true action of being crazy, and it didn’t scare him off. Now I’m thinking we get to plan a little fun event for the son of one of my other cousins who will be getting married next summer at the beautiful place where we camp. 

The rest of the long week-end was filled with food… lots and lots of it and visiting.  The Montana crew are story tellers and the hours quickly slip by listening to their adventures. 
A trip to the candy store in Phillipsburg,MT  Yummm!

Miss N and Mom
Aunty Lois and Mom
And while there, we couldn’t pass up a hunt for mining for sapphires.  So many enjoyable hours panning for colored stones.

Seriously addicting searching for sapphires

Gathering with family is one of life’s true blessings, or at least in this girl’s view. Before we’d left Idaho, we received news that a close family member was diagnosed with cancer.  A sobering reality and reminder that each day is a gift. And a couple days before we left for Montana, my Aunt Lois was hospitalized when the doctors thought she’d had a heart attack. Luckily it wasn’t, and with a revamp in her medicine and she was released in time to join us camping.  Those two health issues again were  a reminder to make sure you enjoy your time here on earth and in the company of your loved ones.
Jen and me at the sapphire mine
And on that note of enjoying time in the sun - Rod is really good about making sure I slow down to take time to play and after Montana we headed out for 2 weeks of puttering around the San Juan Islands…. more to share on that in the next blog post.  =)
At the start of our adventure

As always, thank you for taking time to stop by, and if you have a comment, question or thought please feel free to email me at or leave a comment on the blog. I always love hearing from you.  Lastly, I hope you are making time to slow down, savor summer by doing the things you enjoy and with those you love.  All my best, Gayle

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  1. This looks like such a good time. I have never panned for anything.