Wednesday, May 29, 2019

3 Day Week-end+rain=R&R

Greetings friends,

I don’t know about you, but I love a shortened work week, there is just something about the extra day off. Of course I’m extremely grateful to all who have and continue to serve to protect us ( and I fell short of taking some home baked goodies to my fav local law enforcement….but I’ll remedy that shortly!)
Rod & I slipped away to our condo in Kellogg for a bit of R&R.  When you work in a highly structured environment there is something wickedly divine when you get to sip coffee without being mindful of the time.
Our fav place to sip coffee and watch the day begin
No rushing off to work or feeling like home related tasks were vying for your time. This past rainy week-end, I read quite a lot actually, we napped, watched movies, went for a walk, and met friends for dinner.  Pure bliss. We also had Rod’s 18 year old son, Zach and 2 buddies come spend a part of the week-end with us.  Oh those boys…. A mixture of sweet and hilarious.

With the start of summer officially on the books, I found that that a leisurely summer is going to be found in small snippets of time.  The summer has filled up and so quickly.   Rod & I have several dedicated days that will be spent with his family, mine and some blissful time on the boat exploring the San Juan isles.  I’m committed to working on writing every minute I can for this blog, Home & Harvest magazine and on my book.  I have serious day dreams of being able to afford a house on a lake where dedicated writing would commence. And having spent a wonderful Memorial Day week-end 2 years ago at my brother & sis-in-law's place on the lake only fuels the fire of want.  =)

This pic was from a couple years ago at my brother's place. The view from River & Edie's deck was fabulous

Lounging on the  dock with a book was divine
I have a stack of current magazines (yet unread)  that talk about summer…. and the headlines evoke images of people enjoying lazy days of lounging on a perfectly decorated porch and easy to prepare food for all those impromptu BBQ’s and picnics.  I love the idea of it, but it just doesn’t seem to happen like that though in my world.  What about you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you want to share, please email me 
at and tell me how you do it. So here’s hoping as summer unfolds, that you get to relish the time in ways that appeal to you.  Thanks for stopping by and if you enjoy the blog, please share it, and I love hearing from you too.   All my best, Gayle

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