Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Blessings in Life

My Vintage Beauty

Today in the hallway I ran into a colleague/friend and after a bit of chit chat, she looked at me and out of the blue, said “your house is good for you”.

And I realized over the last four months that a slow but good change has been happening in this girl’s world.  For starters, I feel comfortable going on a solo girl date (just me) and sitting outside to enjoy downtown Moscow in the late afternoon at my fav Mexican restaurant.  So, on any given Wednesday you most likely will find me sitting outside enjoying a nice cold one while either reading, writing or people watching.  A small but glorious indulgence.   

A couple of times I have even slipped down to the historic Kenworthy theater to catch a second run movie.

Sunrise over a wheat field by my house

And with the start of harvest this year,  I have not felt an emptiness or any depression.  I see the whirlwind of activity happening around me and I  still love the smell of harvest.  Now viewing it from a neutral setting still gives me that needed farm fix, and  I find harvest a thing of beauty rather than a painful part of seeing my old life happening without me.  I haven’t gotten to the point where I can see my own farm being harvested, but maybe someday.  Farmer Joe and I have settled into a more comfortable amicable relationship and he fills me in on what is happening on my farm.  He also patiently answers my questions and gives input when I need technical expert advice when putting together an article for the magazine.  I think we both are in very good places in our personal lives and just that in and of itself is a healing feeling.

It's old, in need of repair.. but I love this barn
I’ve started dating again and found a very special someone.  He is an unexpected bit of blissful happy for me and is so good for me in so many ways.  We are slowly introducing each other into our each other's lives.  It has just worked out that I see more of his world than he has seen of mine, but that will change.

Here is what I’ve found.  Change can be good for the soul. And sometimes life will change the road you travel and how you choose to travel that road is your call. I’ve seen enough sunrises and sunsets to know I have and am living a good life. I’ve felt the small little arms of my baby girls around my neck, I still enjoy hugs from the grand angels, I continue to be surrounded by a loving family and know I have the kinds of friends who are loyal and have my best interests at heart, my dog adores me, I’ve laughed so hard I’ve almost peed my pants and I’ve also felt despair and sorrow. Through the peaks and valleys of life I know that the good Lord has always been there, helping and guiding me through it all. And for that I am blessed.  And from all that has come down my pathway, there are so many life lessons that continue to impress into my heart and soul that I wonder if I’ll ever have enough time to share what I see through this girl’s world.  

As always, thank you for stopping by.  My goal is to start blogging more on a weekly basis.  As always, it does my heart good to hear from you ( , so let me know how you are and I’d love to know what resonates “happy” in YOUR life or what simple pleasures that you indulge in.  All my best, Gayle

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