Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from this girl's little piece of agriculture heaven.

 As we gather today, I look back on different Thanksgivings and I think this will be one of the best ones yet.  Maybe it is because my youngest daughter, Kaitlyn is dating someone she considers her soulmate and I'll have to say I must agree.  He is wonderful and I love the way he treats her.  Also I haven't introduced you yet to one very special man that has entered my life.   And I also consider him my true soulmate.  I'll share more on these special men in future posts. I just wanted to say that Kaitlyn and I feel we have finally found a happiness we had hoped would happen.  And with the onset of these two men, both fill a special place in our lives.... in a permanent way.

My oldest daughter, Jen is on call  today and was headed to the hospital due to an emergency surgery.. Her hubby, Soren thankfully isn't on call today, so he'll bring the kiddos over to my mom's house, (Gigi) where most of my siblings and their families will gather.  The head count so far is 26.

A drawing of our turkey, by Miss N
When I was hanging out at Jen and Soren's house a couple days ago, Soren relayed something that had happened while he was on an ambulance transfer.  He and his partner were headed back and had stopped in a small farming town for lunch.  There, they saw a man and his young son eating and both were sporting clothing that had a special military insignia on it.  While in the cafe, a song came on and it must have triggered something as the man had tears in his eyes.  Soren went over to him, asked if he was in the military, of which, the man confirmed and Soren then thanked him for his service to his country.  When they got ready to leave, Soren paid for the man and his son's lunch.  And that random simple act of kindness by my son-in-law warmed my heart and soul.  It made me thankful to have such a kind man in the life of daughter #1. 

And as I sit down to a table with many family members present, I am thankful for those faces that I see across the table.  For we have laughed and cried together, we regularly torment each other with good natured antics (ok....umm maybe it's me who does that.. but they love me anyway) and those kinds of bonds are the ones that keep a family united.

I wish you a very wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you are surrounded by loved ones and sharing a good home cooked meal. And coming from a state that raises potatoes.... yup a large helping will be on this girl's plate, I can guarantee it. 

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by and feel free to send comments and emails,   All my best, Gayle

Also the new Home and Harvest issue is out!   I wrote about holidays, so I invite you to check it out.

A holiday painting from Miss N

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