Friday, July 15, 2016

Courage Part II, Silver Linings

I started this blog late one night  as the words had started rolling around in this crazy brain of mine after a recent late night conversation with my youngest daughter where some heartfelt thoughts and feelings about life were shared. So I turned on the light, powered up the computer so the words could flow out of me, as I knew the second part of my blog on Courage, Part II was in the making.   A blog post, as well as life, seem to go in a whole different direction than where I thought it would. It’s reasonable to think I should have control over the words that I put down on paper, but sometimes it seems like they have a life of their own with a story to tell.

Courage, it’s a funny thing and you never know how much or little of it that you possess until you need to call upon it.  And the lessons learned as well as finding the silver linings seems to be one continuous process, for me at least.   But I’ll get back to that in a moment.
Wheat field as it goes from green to gold
As I sit here on my deck this glorious evening and composing my thoughts, the winter wheat fields have started to turn.  They are in a transition stage going from green to a golden hue.  I sort of feel like that in my life too.  Perhaps it is because I just turned 60.  I don’t feel old and don’t act old….and the best part is that when my 27 year old niece, Miss Sarah, wants to torment her dad (my brother) and make him worry over the next crazy event she wants to do….who does she call?? Well of course, her Aunt Gayle!   Sometimes my youngest daughter, Kaitlyn, will accompany us and we find it hilarious that our antics cause my brother as well as my mom a lot of unwarranted worry as we find new ways to have fun.  My son-in-law told my oldest daughter, Jen, she should accompany me on my trip to Cuba as someone needed to be the “adult”…now is that funny or what?!  To my added glee, it does make the son-in-law nervous when Jen and I go on one of our “finding vintage treasures” adventures.  So to sum it up, I may age, but I’m never gonna get old and if it makes someone worry what I’m up to… then all the better!  

But getting back to courage, with changes whether voluntary or involuntary, comes transition and I feel like they offer a silver lining for life lessons that must be learned firsthand. In the past I felt like I was on the outside looking in and there were so many things I wanted to do, but felt I shouldn’t do them or felt I had to take into account the “then husband’s perspective and opinion”.  And the weird thing was, it wasn’t him putting on the brakes of new things to do, it was me.  So one day after I was single, I decided, yup I’m gonna let that crazy goofy women inside of me out!   Just this week after going 2 Step dancing,  I can clearly remember thinking back to when I had to  gather up every shred of  courage that I could muster and go to my first dance lessons  (albeit) solo.   I was scared to death and the mere fact that I was doing this on my own was the first foray into a very new and unfamiliar world. It was there I was assigned to Don, my dance buddy. Now he is always a willing victim to let me step on his toes and talks me through complicated moves on the dance floor.  (I do have to add that I have firmly said no to being thrown over his shoulder… I am 60 for goodness sake and a girl has to set some limits!) And its just pure platonic fun. And as I branch out, I made a new friend  with Jack,  a wickedly funny and super intelligent UI Ag professor.  We mostly talk about his research in Canola (okay – so I’m a confirmed “Ag nerd” with a serious love of cowboy boots).  

In my world - Words to live by!
Just some of my boots....

But I like to hang out with people who are smarter than me or have a skill set that I need to improve on - so I feel pretty good that they take the time to hang out with me.  When you have the courage to get out and meet new people  or try new things, it is an amazing adventure. (trust me on that one)   It just takes guts to get out of your comfort zone and when you do, well at least in my experience new people, places and things will land in your pathway and enrich your life in unimaginable ways. Next on my list is to get to hang out with Howard Buffet for a day! LOL

I’ve also been blessed with wonderful girlfriends where we have celebrated the good times and supported each other in the not-so-good times.  That is a measure of true friendships.  So come this Saturday, the “Co-op Queens” will be celebrating our birthdays, as 3 of us all turned 60  this year and Saturday marks the 58th birthday of the youngest in our group.  Ms. Vic who already is celebrating her 4th anniversary of being 60 has volunteered to be our designated driver.  We will gather, don our tiaras as we are "legends in our own minds"and start out with good coffee, then proceed to go wine tasting. When we are together in public…. Ummmm.... well you know we are there, as there is lots of laughter and antics.    So with that - if we happen to encounter you on Saturday, well I’ll just apologize now if we cause you any discomfort.  =) 
This was a picture from one of our last "Co-Op Queens" celebrations. Only 3 of the 5 wanted to do this. Theme dressing was going on here.... Ms. 1980's, Ms. 1950's and Ms. Awful Bridesmaid dress!   Lol

Lastly, and in all seriousness, if this blog gives you the courage to pursue new adventures in your life, well I’d love to hear about them.  You never know what form courage will take in your life nor the silver linings that will come out of it.  For me, I've found many silver linings and I wish only the best for you.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and always feel free to email me if you have questions, comments or thoughts at  All my best, Gayle

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