Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Simple Acts of Kindness

Winter sunrise
I like to think I’m a grateful person and focus on the positive and just go with the flow.  But last Sunday, as I was sitting in the long line of cars waiting (impatiently) to go through Dutch Brothers coffee stand, I was feeling annoyed. Once again berating myself for over-scheduling my day and wishing I hadn’t promised my sweetheart, Randy, I’d bring him back a latte.  Cramming too many things into a short time span is a bad habit of mine.  I get so busy trying to get everything checked off my “to do list” that I forget to enjoy the journey!  
(Sunrises and sunsets  - a beautiful start and end to the day)
A golden glow on the farm last summer

You see Randy was back at my house doing a handyman project; I had a brief work meeting with a good friend and then invited her & her hubby over for dinner (lemon-garlic chicken breasts & pesto sauce with pasta – recipes here).  My mind was mentally focusing on tasks that needed to get done after this last stop, and then a very wonderful thing happened….. as I pulled up to get the drink I’d ordered, the barista said, the man in front of you paid for your drink! (Thank you Mr. White SUV with a California license plate), and in that moment a feeling of wonderfulness enveloped me.  I’ve often paid for others drinks in line at the coffee shop or at lunch, but I’ve never actually had it happen to me.  And let me tell you, it felt so good. 
Driving home, I remembered a conversation with my friend Kristi when I recounted how last year on the anniversary dates that marked my entry and exit of married life, that on each of those days I had received a call (out of the blue) about being nominated and receiving an award for outstanding excellence.  Seriously! This happened once in January and then again in May.  I was dumbfounded and Kristi said, “you realize those were not random happenings, it was the universe bringing you blessings exactly when you needed them”.  It made me realize how easily I could overlook the everyday magic that happens by rushing around and this was nature’s way of giving me a much needed thump alongside the head to slow down and see the miracles.  My goal (once again) is to do just that and to really live in the present - which this time I know I'll get the upper hand and succeed. =)
As you go about your day, remember to be good to yourself, know that you are unique and special, keep your eyes open for those little miracles and make sure to pay it forward with simple acts of kindness, whenever you can and most of all, slow down and enjoy the journey.  Xoxox.  All my best, Gayle 
My yard-art truck with it's newest holiday decorations just in time for Valentine's Day
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Also the next blog will be more about the really cool Valentine's Day heart display, made by that amazing man of mine!! Stay tuned. I also have a new cake recipe to share. 

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