Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rural Happiness

Tonight as  I left City Hall after voting, it was a beautiful warm Spring day, I could smell lilac's and across the street at the park  you could heard the sounds of kids playing.... and I thought this is a slice of rural heaven. And it made me smile and I thought yup it's a nice way to live.  My life is  busy, but good and here is a sample of the night before....as I was watching the grand-angels while their mamma had to work at the hospital's open house and their daddy was on duty at his job.  Life with little angels on the farm is never dull.  
Making a fun time.  ( notice Miss M - she is the "jammy queen") I swear that child
changes clothes several times a day and switches between dresses
and jammies at least 3 or 4 times a day!

Miss N looking for those pretty rocks that she drags home.
 After all that outside fun of riding trikes and picking out pretty rocks, well it was time to make homemade pizza! Yummm
Making individual pizzas mean you get to put on just the right ingredients

Not all pizza has to be flat

The counter sees lots of baking and messes - perfect for a farm-house kitchen

Yup Miss B has a foodie sense of humor

So life in rural Idaho is green with growing wheat and a good place for this farm chick!
 Plus exciting news!!!! Kaitlyn became engaged as of  last week and she is beyond happy!  It makes her mamma's heart happy.  =)
Kaitlyn and Daniel

Normal poses in this family doesn't really happen much but that's okay.
After all home isn't a home without a tractor parked in the driveway!  LOL
Well that's about it for a bit.... I have more to chat about but it's bed time - but just wanted to share some rural slices of my heaven from me to you.  Take care and hope all is well with you and yours.

As always thanks for dropping by and I am just a click away at swheatfarmlife@gmail.com if you want to say hi or ask a question.  All my best, Gayle

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