Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Flurry of Work & Fun on the Farm

Crisp mornings and cool evenings are Mother Nature's announcement that summer has ended and her Fall colors will soon be arriving here in the region we call "the Palouse".  The ending of wheat harvest is also the unofficial signal that summer is over as well and all the fields are now sporting their "cropped look" as pictured below.

Wheat stubble
Here is the last wheat video from yesterday that Farmer Joe shot harvesting on one of our steeper hillsides. 

Farmer Jay is harvesting garbanzo beans at the Southern Tammany farm and Farmer Joe is hoping to get started on the garbanzo beans at the Genesee farm today (Thursday) - so I'll hopefully have more photos and videos soon on that.

We have saved a small patch of the hard red wheat by our home so our Dinner on the Farm guests can get a ride in the combine and see it for themselves.  This week (besides my off the farm job) has been a mix of cleaning, decorating and getting ready for our 4th annual dinner, so let's just say I've been a tad bit busy.  I'm almost ready tho, so here is a peek of what the outside Fall decorating looks like. 

Once the mums are planted in the bucket, it will be a nice look

I have 3 tubs of Fall decorations and this is what it looked like before I started.

Summer is officially over for me once the Fall decorations come out
Menu for the dinner at the front entry table

The fireplace mantel shows my love of the Fall things

The table is ready to be set
Tomorrow I pick up Pam, the reporter from Farm Journal magazine, and she will be doing the story on our dinner for her publication.  So let the fun begin!    I'll be posting more, so I hope you will come back to see what this year's Dinner on the Farm event looks like.  Again, thanks so much for dropping by and be sure to email me  if you have any questions or comments.  All my best, Gayle

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  1. So exciting! I am looking forward to seeing what the reporter does!