Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farm to Fork, Harvest Report on Combine Technology

The other day, daughter Jen was telling me that the grand-angels really do listen intently to Papa (Farmer Joe) when he tells them about what he is harvesting as they are riding in the combine.  She said as they were heading into town  that Miss N (who is almost 4) and Miss B (who is 6) were "having a discussion about crops" and pointing out that fields of wheat are either winter wheat or spring wheat and that those other fields are "bonzo" fields (i.e. garbanzo bean).  Jen said they knew that the wheat was used for flour when making cookies with grandma (me) and they like those little round bonzo beans that are put in soups..... so out of the mouth of babes.  What can I say?  =)

The different colors of wheat, golden and the red variety

The farmer explains about the monitor in his combine cab....
(click here if unable to view)

The next video Farmer Joe talks about the soft white wheat variety.  Wheat varieties are important to the farmer and we will try to choose the best varieties that we hope will yield well, plus many varieties are bred to respond better to different weather conditions.  So it is all sort of a guessing game and you won't know if you guessed right until the end.  The yields will be the determining factor if that wheat variety was the best one for that particular field.  Whew, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what I'll wear to work, but at least it doesn't affect my financial statement if I make the wrong choice. =) 

And here is today's video of Farmer Joe harvesting the hard red wheat.

There is still a lull around our area as most of the farmers have finished their winter wheat and are waiting on the spring wheat to ripen.  We just got back into the field but we are just on the verge of the spring wheat not being ripe enough, so we are thinking we may have another day or two before we are in full swing of wheat harvest again.  

Thanks for stopping by and hope you will stop on back. Thanks and all my best, Gayle.

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  1. Always fun to read about your grandbabies! We just started harvesting our bartlett pears at our home place (near Cashmere, WA). Hope harvest continues without any major problems and that you get good money and great yields!