Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Battle of Weeds

Morning mist from yesterday's rain.  The amound of rain defines
whether it is a good crop or a great crop for us "dryland farmers"
On Monday I was spraying weeds around our farmhouse (I like to refer to it as spending “quality time with my backpack sprayer”) and as I was out working, I thought "I just sprayed weeds last week - and more seem to pop up overnight”, and as you know, weeds if left alone, will propagate and spread their evil seeds – so it is a task to keep on top of. While I was out communing with nature and trying to help her along by eliminating the newest round of pesky plants – I had a sudden epiphany that weeds are like the anti-Ag groups. How? Well, both try to spread their unwanted seeds whether plant form or thought form, and both are unwanted by the farmer. The weeds rob the nutrients from the crop and the anti-Ag groups rob the consumer trust from the farmer. As many people do not understand what farmers do, these groups work very hard to paint a picture for the American consumer on the evils of modern Agriculture. For me, spraying weeds is just like blogging, I am trying to keeps the bad seeds from getting a handhold on my lifestyle and convey the message that we care about our land, what we put on it, how we grow our crops and what you put on your dinner table for your families (our families too). In a  few days, I will be doing a new blog to showcase some of the other farm families around this area,  so I hope you will come on back.

While I try to keep the weeds down around the farmhouse and in social media….. Farmer Joe took a video about spraying the garbanzo fields. We both have big jobs to do. So for now this farmwife will be heading out with her camera to capture some photos on the other fine folks whose job is to grow what goes on our dinner plates.

Garbanzo spraying video, if  unable to view the video, click here 

As always, if you have a question, drop me an email at idahofarmwife@gmail.com or leave a comment & thanks for stopping by.  All my best, Gayle

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  1. Please send some rain our way! Garbanzo beans there, soybeans here... everyone is hoping for rain and less weeds!