Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Farmers, Rainbows and Earth Day

Quite a sight, a rainbow ending in a farm field
A Farmer’s pot of gold lies in what has been planted in their field, so I thought it was a very fitting picture to snap on my drive home one rainy day last week. Not your traditional pot of gold, but for a farmer, we think of each of our fields as an individual pot of gold.

So as Earth Day nears, farmers all over America are either seeding their Spring crops into the field or are carefully tending their precious paycheck out there.

Farmer Joe does a great job explaining what we do on our farm to help our soil health to try to ensure our crops get the best possible start.

Seeding Garbanzo beans by day

Seeding Garbanzo beans at night
Clip here to if view the videos if  they not showing up.

A video clip from the seat of the tractor, as Farmer Joe explains why we are seeding garbanzo beans into the wheat stubble from last year’s crop….

And yes, I do occasionally make other things things other than baked yummies. =)  For those of you who know me well, understand that I don't like fussy time consuming foods, and here is a really easy soup.  I use my crock pot, throw it together before work and at night when I walk through the door, it's ready and filling. 

Lentil Garbanzo Veggie Soup
So if you want a really good for you soup that is easy, filling and a source of great fiber, see the Good Farm Eats page. 

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