Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lunch Box Season! Also known as the Start of Spring Work

It is National Agriculture Day and the start of  "lunch box season" for this farm family.  From March through November, Farmers Joe & Jay and Cody will all be working lots of long hours and packing a lunch as they work in the fields.  On a farm, unless there is a break down, you don't go into town... so packing your lunch is a must.

If you are new to the blog, here are the cast of characters that I will be talking about from now through November, so come meet your farmers and our hired men.....
Farmer Joe, this farm-wife's hubby

Farmer Jay who is Farmer Joe's younger brother

Our hired men, Kneal (sitting on the left) who is still in H.S. & works only during harvest,
 and Cody, our full time hired man
Yesterday Farmer Joe took the videos below (click here if  unable to view) and as he explains what he is doing, here is a quick recap, dry fertilizer is being spread to enhance and help the winter wheat that was planted last October.  Sort of like your lawn, it needs a pick me up after the long winter (or you could use the analogy of having your coffee & vitamins to jump start your day =)  !

Having lots and lots of acres to get the dry fertilizer on, here is what we do.....

Last Fall we planted hard red winter wheat and soft white winter wheat.

Next we will be planting hard red spring and maybe another variety, but that is still being decided.

We are preparing our other fields for the Spring wheat to be planted and helping the soil by adding some fertilizer.  As we buy big loads in bulk, here is a video of it being loaded into one of our semi-trucks that will go out into the fields.

As our crew is busy tending the wheat crops already seeded and preparing to seed more wheat, come on back to see what else "your farmers" are doing to feed America.  Also, make sure and check out my recipe pages for lots of yummy goodness. 
As always, glad you stopped by and if you have any questions, email me at or leave me a comment.   All my best, Gayle

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