Monday, August 22, 2011

Feeding America, Day 10 of Harvest 2011

The agenda for this Sunday morning  was to be a day of just moving equipment and getting ready to harvest winter wheat at the Genesee farm.   And so the early Sunday morning found Farmer Joe and I having breakfast with Farmer Jay, Lisa, their son, Zack, and Lisa's brother, Jeff and his girlfriend, Mindy.   After breakfast our guys headed down to Tammany to bring Joe's combine up and I rode home with Lisa.  This has become sort of an informal ritual during harvest when we finish winter wheat down at one farm and move up to the main farm. 

The combine and header are transported separately and the interesting thing about this header is that it can be towed without a special trailer.  The wheels move into transport mode, a detactable long hitch hooks up the header to the pick-up.  Once the destination is reached, then the hitch is removed and the tires are put back into position under the header and it is ready to go.

Arriving at our Genesee field next to our house to
hook the header back up to the combine

Farmers Jay (in the forefront) and Joe in back adjusting
the wheels under the header

All set up and ready to go!  Just hope the wheat is ready to be harvested
Thanks for stopping by ! Have to get some cookies baked for the crew as well as be on hand to run a moisture sample of the wheat into the grain elevators to see if we can harvest today (Monday), plus the song writer will be out later on this afternoon to film wheat harvest (hopefully) for his music video.  Stay tuned I'll have more.  All my best, Gayle.


  1. I find it a little curious why such a powerful machine needs a smaller vehicle to tow around its business end. I was just thinking that something that big should easily be able to lug around its own header.

  2. Hi Sturgo,
    Thanks for the question. The header on the combine is 40 feet wide, so it is removed in order to be moved down the highway as it would be too wide to travel down the interstate or the narrow gravel roads as many of our fields are a few miles apart from each other. Plus we have another part of our farm that is 37 miles away from the main part of the farm. Good question and let me know if you have any more.