Thursday, June 2, 2011

Care & Maintenance of our Paycheck

Wheat maintenance?  In past blogs, I’ve told you that Farmers Joe & Jay care for their crops like their own kids. It is a continual maintenance as once  the crops go into the ground, no matter what is planted - weeds will sprout up. And  let's face it, America doesn't like weeds in their cereal, they expect quality products.... We don't like weeds in our "Wheaties" either, plus we  want the best end product because that is our paycheck out there – so you can be darn sure we are going to take good care of it. While we can do everything we can to ensure a good crop, there are two wild cards that can create havoc with our crops and they are the weather and the market.

Pictured here is Farmer Joe checking the Spring wheat crop for signs of weeds.

Weeds don't go on vacation, so this is an ongoing task

This is a picture of wheat at our Tammany Farm

Notice the straw residue? It helps keep weeds down & keeps
moisture in the soil to help the plant

Here is a weed, so now we will spray for them. It's a lot like
gardening only on a much larger scale
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