Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Seeding - A View From The Seat of a Tractor

Garbanzo & wheat planting down at the Tammany Farm last week-  Come take a peek at what the farmers are up to.  Below is a video clip  narrated by Farmer Joe from the inside of his tractor cab.  Long hours are spent inside the tractor during spring and fall work.


Seeding garbanzo beans into a "no till" field
Being "no till" farmers we will seed directly into last year's wheat stubble, as shown in the picture above.

A view of the garb seed being planted into the ground

Wheat Seeding Views
The ammonia truck is filling the tanks on the tractor while the  nurse truck
as seen in the back of the picture is filling the air cart with wheat seed & fertilizer
 The nurse truck has two compartments in the truck which holds both wheat seed and dry fertilizer.

Farmer Jay overseeing the filling of the air cart with seed

A view as wheat seed is being filled into the air cart

The view is of the dry fertilizer that was also filled into the air cart

Even though we were not completely done seeding down at the Tammany Farm, (the ground was still too wet in some areas of the field) the decision was made to move the 37 miles up to the Genesee Farm to begin seeding wheat and garbs

Getting ready to move to Genesee

This is what moving equipment from one area to another looks like when we have to move it via the highway and  it isn't too bad if it is a 4 lane road.  But often times it is a 2 lane road so if you are reading this, remember farm equipment is not built for speed, and to please be patient when you encounter a farm vehicle on the road. :)

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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, whether we live on the farm or urban areas, we all have so much to give and contribute in our own unique ways. 

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