Friday, April 1, 2011

Crop Dusters and Fertilizer

When I can't be in the field to document what is happening on the farm, Farmer Joe's instructions are to capture on video or pictures what he is doing that day to be shared with you by way of this blog.  =)  So my sweet farmer was very pleased with himself because he remembered to take some video clips of the airplane that was flying nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer on our winter wheat fields.   This is to give the crop sort of a "shot in the arm booster" which I would compare it to getting my morning coffee!  The reason the dry fertilizer is being flown on by air is because the soil is too wet to be driven on with a ground rig.

New video clip (as of 4/8/2011) showing  the crop duster flying the dry fertilizer by our house.

The video below was taken of  the plane getting loaded at the crop duster's field strip.

Fertilizer being loaded onto the plane

While the farmer was taking these photos, I was touring the Washington State University Wheat Research Lab and Wheat Quality Lab taking photos to share what they do to help the farmers in the Northwest. Stay tuned for more on that as I have some good photos and a story to share.

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