Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Does a Farming Family Celebrate National Ag Day?

Today is Nat'l Ag Day.  So how does an all American Farm family celebrate?  We will gather to share a hearty meal using only foods grown on American farms and thanking the other farmers who grow what we don't grow. 
Look for the little Red, White & Blue
stickers on the produce
We are wheat and garbanzo farmers, so we have many other farmers to thank who produce the fruits and vegetables, the beef (& all animal ag), the dairy & poultry and yes, the cotton we wear.  It is a group effort that all of us in the Ag industry do and who are all committed to providing the best, most economical and safest food available anywhere. 

So come on take a peek at a normal family gathering on the Anderson Farm.

The table's all set and ready

Farmer Joe with grand angel, Natalie
We were celebrating Joe's birthday on Nat'l Ag Day

Kaitlyn our daughter getting some snug time in
with the newest  farmer-ette niece, Maggie

The girls hanging out sharing a laugh. L to R
Daughter Jen, Natalie, Kaitlyn and GG

No matter whose house I go to, it seems we all end up congregating in the kitchen.  For me, the kitchen is the heart of the house and my favorite place to be -other than in front of the fireplace on a cold day. 

GG and Brinley sharing some quiet time after dinner

This is what Daddies do after dinner

But everyone woke up for dessert! 

Enjoying good food and happy times with family are the stuff memories for this farm-wife are made of.   Happy National Ag Day from a very blessed and lucky farm-wife.  As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to email me at idahofarmwife@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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