Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fuel Containment Project Completed

From my earlier blog (July 15, 2010)  I showed a couple of pictures about dismantling an old grain silo to make way for the new fuel containment site.  Well,we are happy to announce that project is done and one more thing to cross off of the "to do list".   The fuel containment is part of the necessary components of a Spill Prevention Countermeasures and Control (SPCC) plan.

Getting the site ready to pour the pad

A break in the weather helped the pouring along.

The big tank is for red-dyed off road diesel.
The two smaller tanks, the top one is for road diesel,
the bottom one is for gasoline

Shown here is the security fencing being installed.

Outside work on the farm has come to an end for the year, the wheat crops are safely in the ground, equipment is cleaned and stored - winter on the farm  is our down time.  Now until March, we will be busy working on inside shop projects, sometimes it is fabricating some kind of small item that will help with making our farm work easier or just regular maintenance on the equipment. 

For the next few months Joe will be traveling to meetings on behalf of the Idaho Grain Producers Association and Jay is recovering from a recent knee surgery.

For me, I thought I would focus and report on some different kinds of things such as:

* how local garbanzos are made into humus at the Bronzestone Humus Company.
* UI & WSU Wheat Labs
* Where does the grain go once it leaves the field

So stayed tuned and watch for these blogs.  =)  As always, thanks for reading and come by often.

P.S.  If you want to see how to make a cool ornament Christmas wreath, check out the At Home on the Farm page.  Also I've updated the Diary of a Crop page that shows the winter.  Keeping watching for more on some yummy new recipes on the Recipe page as well.

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