Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September is a busy time on the Anderson Farm

September is shaping up to be a really busy time on the Anderson Farm.  Besides harvesting lentils and garbanzo beans (watch for more pictures on that harvest) .......
This same combine and header will be used
to harvest garbanzo beans and lentils
We are also hosting our 2nd annual Dinner on the Farm on September 11th and 18th.  This year's guest list is, once again, quite amazing with a great cross section of guests.

2nd Annual Dinner on the Farm is coming this weekend!

Next Joe and I, along with a few other farm hosts will be in Washington, DC at the Urban Wheat Field.  There we will be on hand to answer questions and whatever duties are assigned to us.  For more background on that, visit http://www.wheatfoods.org/UrbanWheatfield-25/Index.htm

As farm hosts, we are being kept in the loop about the wheat's progress as pictured below. The wheat is being grown at the University of Maryland and will be transported to Washington, DC.  We were just updated that hurricane Earl is expected to miss their location and the wheat should not be affected. Yikes, with 3 weeks and counting, I am sure this was a knuckle biter for the event planners!  I think I can almost hear the sigh of relief from the Wheat Council knowing the wheat crop  is safe and will not be in the hurricane.     

Wheat being grown outside in pallets

Mature wheat moved inside to protect it from sun & heat

Please stay tuned for more pictures and updates on the garb harvest, the Dinner on the Farm and the Urban Wheat Field.

P.S.  In my earlier blog, I wrote about  our inspection of our farm by the Food Alliance inspector (http://foodalliance.org/) and just today we received our "certification" results and passed... whew!  Now all we need to do is sign the agreement and pay the fee, then we will officially we a certified farm .


  1. Gayle,

    I'd like to see a nice head on shot of the 40' head on Joe's new 8120, just to see how impressively wide that monster is. Maybe a close up shot of the control console in the combine. Also some nice shots of the garbs.

    Great and interesting blog.

    John Stewart.

  2. Yup, I think I can manage to get those shots once we finish the garb harvest at the Tammany farm and move up to the Genesee farm to cut the garbs up here.