Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garbanzo Harvest 2010

Above is a short video of the combine cutting the garbs.  For some reason my computer and camera do not like each other and I am only able to post really short clips.

We moved up to the Genesee farm to begin cutting garbanzos and it has been hit and miss getting into the field with cool rainy weather.  We only have 2 days left on the garb harvest once we can get back into the field - so hold off washing windows, cars or anything else that triggers rain, please! =)

Harvesting garbs in front of our house. The garb plant is
closer to the ground so not much crop residue is left on
the ground once the combine goes over it.
With this 40' Draper Flex Header, it allows us to only have to use one header for both wheat and legume crops.  Normally farmers must have two different headers for the wheat or a grain crop (barley, oats) and a different one for the legumes (peas, lentils or garbanzos).  Each header would have different finger like tines that pick up the crop.  So this header is a bonus to only have to have one for both kinds of crops.

Lots of dust and plant matter expelled
from the back of the combine


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