Friday, August 20, 2010

Harvest Dinner in the Field

Whew! We finished our wheat harvest on Wednesday, August 18th down at the Tammany farm and that is always a good feeling.  After  having  moved all of the equipment up to the Genesee farm we have started harvesting the winter wheat.   From the looks of things harvest is now  in full swing on the Palouse as I see other combines, tractors and support vehicles on the roads as they move from one field  location to another once all the crops have been cut.

Around 2:00pm today while I was still at work,  I got  a call from my hubby asking if it would be possible to bring a dinner out to the field for the crew.  Of course he was hoping the answer was yes, and knowing that I do like to cook and usually don't mind last minute requests, I was happy to oblige.  I used to take dinners out to the field, but it became too hard to do when we had 2 different crews in different locations so we discontinued them.  So by 6:30pm I was out in the field with my trusty Subaru bringing everyone a hearty dinner that consisted of  lasagna, garlic bread, green salad and a berry tart and chocolate zucchini bread that I happened to have on hand.  So this is what a true harvest in the field dinner looks like.
Dinner served from the back of my trusty Subaru
A clean milk jug with soapy water allows the crew
to wash up before dinner is served.
One thing with men, they  pretty much eat anything and are really appreciative for the food. =)
This is my husband, Joe dishing up his plate.

Left to right is our hired man, Cody, brother in law, Jay and friend,Hale who
dropped by for a ride in the combine

 (A little history on Cody- he started hanging out on the farm when he was about 11 yoa riding in our trucks and tractors when our girls were helping on the farm. He'd also ride for hours in the combines and would ask a million questions - he  was one of those kids who is extremely mechanically inclined and wanted to know exactly how everything worked!  So once he was old enough to work on the farm he has been our dependable and loyal hired seasonal help during the summers, until June when he graduated from high school and we hired him full time)   =)  I also want to note our other wonderful seasonal help was Erin, who had the day off today.  She is off to college in the fall, so we have found another young lad (Ryan) and Erin is training him to replace her spot in the tractor/bank-out wagon.
In the red shirt is Cody's dad, Roger and  Ty, Roger's other
son (by the car)
Roger and Ty both had the day off, so we were happy to have them drive our trucks.  One thing about Roger, Cody and Ty, they are hard working and can seem to do anything you ask.   It is definitely good to be us  to be able to have friends like these when you need extra help and at a moment's notice.

Ty received lots of kidding from the guys as he just announced he had
asked his girlfriend to marry him last night.  He looks
like a pretty happy young man to me! =)

All the semi's lined up waiting to go to town to get unloaded.

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