Friday, August 6, 2010

Hail during Harvest

The ever present threat of rain storms coupled with hail during harvest is one of our biggest fears (especially during a good wheat year).  Pictured above is some of the hail stones gathered that hit one of the fields we were harvesting this afternoon.  Joe said he had never seen such big hail before and was concerned they were going to break the windows in the combine cab.  Luckily all windows are in tact.  If we can get the video he shot of the storm uploaded, we will add that as well.   They had the field about 90% harvested so that was good.  Now we will need to await to see what the  insurance adjuster has to say about the rest of the crop damage.

A mile or so down the road the ground was dry so we moved the combines to that field and started harvesting that field.   Crazy weather!  We are hoping this is the last of the rain/hail that we will have to encounter during this harvest.

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