Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Protecting the Farmers/Ranchers

If you read yesterday's blog and my reference to United Kingdom's crippling laws against the farmers and ranchers. Check out this site as it appears the government in the U.K. is finally working to address the issues and problems these policies have made for the Ag industry in their land. Here is just one paragraph from the link below, and again this is what I was talking about, so let us learn from the U.K.'s mistakes!

"There is no more important industry than the production of food, but under Labour our farmers have been treated as dispensable. The Government’s belated recognition that farming matters is a welcome step forward, but it will have little credibility after more than a decade in which they have devalued British agriculture and allowed domestic production to decline.Reversing this damaging trend requires a new approach. Safeguarding our food security, maintaining the countryside and providing the raw materials for the UK’s largest manufacturing sector represents an enormous contribution to our national well-being and resilience. It is about time this was reflected by a government which understands the realities of farming and creates the conditions in which the industry can thrive." To read more about this article please click on the following link:

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